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Addiction… The reasons my curls stay bouncy, even 2 days in :-)

@Bumble and Bumble Styling Lotion has memory which means I can even brush my curls, twist and be back to where I was, even after a good nights sleep :-)

Works on straight styles, curly, wavey, and even on bangs!

I heart @Bumble

What happens when my boyfriend’s mom cleans out her cabinet :) I gain more products!!! I’m a product junkie!!! (Taken with instagram)

These products are a combination of my old purchases, her donations from things she doesn’t use but has, and new purchases from the salon I started working at.

So as I have updated before about my health and fitness.  After some ups and downs, I have realized I do not work out enough for the Cellucor to really allow me to maximize the result it can give me.  I have decided to put the idea of Cellucor behind me, and try out HCG to lose my initial weight I am looking to lose.  

I have heard both good and bad stories about HCG, but when I saw the system on Life Booker for such a discount, I figured why not give it a try.  The only negative I have heard about it, it just that either the weight was not lost or wasn’t kept off.  With that being said, I figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a try.  I really think that this is going to help me; not only is it a supplement but also a strict diet plan that isn’t hard to follow.  

Starting tomorrow I will have Fruit for breakfast, Fruit for my snacks, and Lean Protein and Veggies only for my lunch and dinner.  I think that once I finish this, if I lose the weight I want, that I will be able to jump back on the Cellucor train (possibly the Super HD) to then tone up and gain the muscle I need.  

I did not hate the Cellucor, but I did not have the time to work out that I should have.  Now with the end of the semester coming up, a new job, and a stressful month ahead, I need this strict diet to keep me on track.  

Keep an eye out for some new product reviews, some photos of my new hair, and if I have time maybe a video or two <3