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Healthy Breakfast while I get work done :) #healthy #diet #yumm (Taken with instagram)

My weight has been up and down as of late. But not fluctuating more than a lb or 2. Still down to where I was before I got sick.

Eating well, exercising a ton and feeling great thanks to Cellucor! :)

I have a long road ahead still, but I’m staying focused!

Sorry for the lack of updates.  Was off Cellucor for a short bit when I came down with a bug.  Slowly back on it and am back down a few more pounds after being in bed for a hot minute.  

So my update….

After my inquiry, I found out from Nicole from Cellucor that C4 is not a recommended stacker with the weightless system.  D4 should be enough of a stimulant and can be combined with the T7 (which I purchased in conjunction with the D4) as well as WS1 (in supplement or in addition to the T7) since they are both non-stimulant weight-loss supplements.  

My solution for my lack of energy at the gym (since I was not going right after taking these supplements) is to move my last dose of T7 to right before my workout.  I also am enjoying (since the supplements are not so gentle on my sensitve stomach) the Gatorade Prime (drink) at the time I take my T7.  The Gatorade Prime is made to be drank 15 minutes before your workout.  This helps my stomach digest something else with the T7 and in combination gives me the energy and fuel to get through a good workout.  

Something coming out this week from Cellucor is their Super HD.  This is advertised as a Thermogenic.  I’m definitely going to do more research.  I also may end up getting a free sample (with purchase) based on this month’s Gold Card week Mailer from GNC.  Once I’m through with the D4 & T7 I have left, I may take a few weeks off and try that week sample.  I also have the L2 in the cabinet waiting for the next beachy long weekend or vacation to try out.

So all in all, things are going well, I love these products so far.  I’m going to continue to work out hard, eat right, and use these cellular products.  Stay Tuned for more updates.

So i’m doing well on the Cellucor.  Got a late start yesterday and took the pills until later in the day that i normal do.  felt the effects of that-stayed up too late.  beyond the exhaustion today from lack of sleep, the pills today are working as a pick me up so it could be worse.  

hoping that tomorrow i’ll eat raw food only all day with the cellular (since I’ll be home all day) and only eating in 50 calorie or less pops throughout the day.  basically eating constantly all day.  

My Goal is not only to lose weight, but to be able to keep it off.  If i eat like a rabbit and only eat here and there, my metabolism is going to slow down.  By continuing to eat the same quantity of food, but healthier food that are lower calories, I hope to keep my metabolism going strong, if not speed up. 

Let’s see how it goes!!!

So yesterday was my first day of the Cellucor Weight Loss system (D2 + T7).  I felt GREAT all day.  Remember back to a time when you were in shape and you didn’t get completely winded walking up the 4 flights of stairs on the subway, or the times when you felt like you could run those 2 miles home instead of driving; thats the kind of energy I had, and have.  These products are giving me the energy and help I need to have that “already in shape” energy to be as active as I need to be to get in shape.  

Yesterday I took it easy since it was my first day on the pills, not to mention I’m brilliant and stretched the wrong way trying to take off my socks and ended up with a bad charlie horse in my thigh.  Today will be my first day at the gym for the new year!!!  (non-official detox for the first week; eating mostly raw food, lean meat, and lot and lots of water and juice).  

Since New Years Day I’ve lost almost 10 lbs.  My guess is that was a lot of water weight and crap; nothing serious.  So today, less than 2 weeks before my aunts wedding, Starts the major gym time.  I will continue to log my progress here for anyone who wants to follow along or see the results of the Cellucor D2 or T7.